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About Us


Solomon's Temple Church History

In the month of November 1975 while under the tent on St. Louis Avenue and Hamilton Street, God anointed Rev. James E. Holloway to become Pastor and leader of his people. Being led by God’s spirit he has confirmed and given us the church which is called Solomon’s Temple located at 2549 University Street. 


On June 6, 1976 the first service was held with Sunday School at 10:00 a.m. and morning services at 11:00 a.m. This was a glorious moment for us. When the doors opened that Sunday morning you could hear the anointed voice of our Assistant Pastor, Rev. Nathaniel Cole as he led the people in songs of praise. The crusade choir under the tent was also present to minister in songs and praise along with two faithful ushers ready to serve. 


The saints of God filled the Temple. Pastor Holloway was then led by the spirit of God to conduct a week revival, for the people of God were hungry spiritually. During this revival many from souls were saved, bodies were healed and many delivered. People came from far and near to hear the dynamite messages of faith and to receive strength in their spiritual, physical and financial life. 


We continued to praise God in our little church until we out grew it. We then began to seek God for a larger place. Then saints began to fast and pray. 


In a dream the Lord showed Sister Linda Holloway the building. It was huge in stature with tall pillars. The inside was big and we were there praising our Savior. 


The Lord then told our Pastor to look west of our location for a new place to worship and as he obeyed God, God once again led him to our present location. 


On July 6, 1980 we came dressed in white as a sign that God has brought us out to bring us into the land of plenty. We praised God then and we still praise him for our church home. 


Now that the seed had planted, faith has sprung forth and the church has been established; it is time for Solomon’s Temple to reap the good of the land. As you enter through our doors to fellowship and worship with us may the blessing of God meet your every need. 


                                     “Come over here where the table is spread and the feast of the Lord is going on”

Our Mission 

Our mission is to exalt the only begotten Son of God, which is Jesus Christ, our Lord.  To reach out to every man spiritually, physically, emotionally and educationally regardless of race, creed or color; and share the love of the Holy Father and His redemptive work on the cross until His future return to earth in Power and Glory.

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